Tuesday, 28 May 2013


This post focuses upon the latest Outpouring Update of 22 May 2013 on the Victory Church Cwmbran's website, concerning Lou Engle's visit to them last week:

"We are delighted to have guests from California with us. Unbeknown to us Lou Engle and his team finished a 40 day fast on April 9th 2013. On April 10th this Outpouring broke out in Wales."

Cwmbran visitor Lou Engle, preacher of "another gospel."

First thing to note is that there is a clear implication that Lou Engle & Co. and the "Welsh Outpouring" were Cause and Effect. If this is indeed the case, it is another very real reason to have concern about this movement being truly of God. (See below). Second thing to note is that  NO "outpouring" has broken out in Wales, but in the confines of Victory Church in Cwmbran only. The bulletin continues:

"Lou Engle is a very well known man of God, with an incredible heart for revival. He pioneered "The Call" which has been used to reach and empower hundreds of thousands of people to pursue Jesus Christ. His team of eight have been amazing, they simply jumped on a plane to spend four days in Wales and see what God is doing."

OK. What perhaps isn't so well known on this side of the Atlantic is that Lou Engle's "incredible heart for revival" is for a PARTICULAR KIND of revival. A revival which bears no resemblance at all to the Welsh Awakening of 1904/05 which we in Wales would probably recognize as being a TRUE revival initiated by God!

Lou Engle is a central leader of what has become known as the New Apostolic Reformation, embracing and vigorously promoting "Latter Rain" theology, whereby a "Joel's Army" of radical and militant believers wins the world - religiously, socially and politically - for Christ, PRIOR to His return. Also known as "Kingdom Now" theology or Dominionism, it is a TOTALLY UNBIBLICAL CONCEPT, which flies in the face of true Scriptural teaching of the Last Days and our Lord's return. It is JESUS HIMSELF who is victorious and puts all things under His feet at His return, NOT the Church. Dominionism is a grievous LIE, and as such can only come from the 'father of lies.' This clearly makes Lou Engle someone who is "deceiving, and being deceived" as 2 Timothy 3:13 warns about! Yet Victory Church hails him as a "man of God!" Surely something is badly wrong here?

Cwmbran visitor Todd Bentley's "Joel's Army" tattoo.

In regards to "The Call" Lou Engle has claimed that these organized prayer rallies of his have prevented a multitude of natural disasters, e.g. saving Texas from deadly tornadoes! Hmmm... seems Oklahoma was excluded from such salvation the other day...

We might also well note that Lou Engle was a senior leader of the International House of Prayer (IHOP), which was set up by Mike Bickle who was the leader of the Kansas City (UTTERLY FALSE) Prophets. IHOP is suspect in the extreme, a great promoter of 'contemplative prayer' which is essentially New Age Eastern mysticism! 

The visit of Lou Engle will make it the THIRD major false teacher in Cwmbran since December 2011. This little Welsh town is surely a prime target for the Enemy's attempts to usher in a COUNTERFEIT REVIVAL, a great Dominionist, 'Toronto' deception straight from the Pit!!!

I believe that all purported movements of the Holy Spirit need to be checked out against Scripture, and examined for the health of both their roots and their branches. When we discover disease in those roots and/or those branches, we should know what kind of fruit to expect from that tree. The apple on the bough may look nice and shiny, but what's at the core?

Laodicean apple. Fancy a bite?

If the "Welsh Outpouring" were truly initiated and governed by the Third Person of the Trinity, why then are only SELECTIVE gifts being exercised? Where is WISDOM, and where is DISCERNMENT? Is it not strange that the very gifts which are NOT exercised, are the very ones which would allow these deceived leaders to see their influences for what they really are?

The bulletin continues:

"During their 40 day fast they had visions and dreams of Whales jumping around in the sea. They believe God was showing them that Wales is a significant place where God is moving, so they came!"

I would humbly suggest that the Lord God of the Universe, who made all things, is fully aware of the difference between whales with an 'h' and Wales without one!

Killer Whales
Hi! I'm Cardiff. You must be Swansea!

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"Nevertheless, when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?"
(Luke 18:8)

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Thursday, 16 May 2013


Much has been made in recent weeks of a movement being experienced at the Victory Church in Cwmbran, which is being billed as the "Welsh Outpouring."

I believe in tracing a stream back to its source. Some while ago the Lord instilled in me a picture of people travelling through a parched land. Coming upon a stream, they gladly drank copiously of its water. But upstream and unseen, there was a dead animal in the water, its rotting corpse full of maggots and bacteria. This was floating downstream from the carcass, and being swallowed by those drinking the polluted water. Though feeling refreshed, what they were partaking of was imbued with an evil that would ultimately be very detrimental to their health and well-being.

In tracing the origin of this particular stream, or "outpouring" as they call it, I sadly found such a dead creature in the water!

Friends, we should be keenly aware that whilst there are true "outpourings" initiated by the Holy Spirit, there are also counterfeit "outpourings" not because God wants them, but because people want them, and the Enemy is more than happy to give people what they want. Though it follows that there is a heavy price to be paid for that deception!

Rightly or wrongly, this word "outpouring" does not sit well with me, for it now carries for me connotations of "revivals" purporting to be of the Holy Spirit, but actually springing from the will of man and fueled by heightened emotions in a super-charged environment of expectation of "signs and wonders."

One of my greatest concerns about this Cwmbran "outpouring" is that the Pastor - Richard Taylor - has as his mentor Tommy Tenney, who is intimately connected with the Brownsville, "Pensacola Outpouring." Tommy Tenney is undoubtedly a false teacher, who wrote the best-seller "The God-Chasers" which basically teaches that the Bible is a mouldy collection of old love letters; Scripture is where God has BEEN, and Christians need to chase after where God is NOW! The Bible is PAST TRUTH; REVELATION is where God is NOW. This in itself should be screaming out a warning that Tommy Tenney is in grave error, and a heretic to be avoided at all costs! Yet the Pastor of a Church proclaiming a new "outpouring" is profoundly influenced by this man, who was himself intimately connected with the previous FALSE "outpouring" at Brownsville.

I watched a video uploaded by Victory Church: "Naming your future according to your faith, not your fears - Tommy Tenney." The video description bills it as "Tommy Tenney brings a powerful word during his visit to Cwmbran Campus." (As an aside, one of the meanings of the Latin word 'campus' is THEATRE). The first 1/3 of the video is Mr. Tenney promoting his books and film (on sale there, naturally) and the remaining 2/3 is his "powerful word" based on 1 Samuel Chapter 4. This is him promoting the unbiblical gross error of "positive confession." Phinehas' wife died in childbirth owing to her not having uttered POSITIVE WORDS! The congregation swallows this teaching gladly, unquestioning of the actual Truth. But then, according to Tommy Tenney, God is no longer in TRUTH - that's where He's BEEN in the PAST!!! You cannot leave a comment on the video.

Thinking of this "God-chasing" taught by Mr. Tenney, I could see this directly reflected in the Pastor's video promoting the "outpouring" where he implores people to get themselves to Cwmbran to check out this phenomenon. This is obviously where God is NOW. My question is, has TRUTH been left behind in the PAST? And if Scripture is only of HISTORICAL worth, how is any current manifestation to be evaluated? If not by HOLY WRIT, then by WHAT?????

Are folks being saved BECAUSE OF or DESPITE OF what is happening there? If people are truly being saved, then praise be to the LORD for His infinite mercy! But I have very real misgivings about this whole business. For some time now I have been greatly fearing that Wales is being targeted for a counterfeit "signs and wonders" revival. And "signs and wonders" are integral to the Cwmbran experience. It is Victory Church's declared intention to break out into all of Wales. (And beyond - they already have a church 'plant' in Gloucestershire).

Tommy Tenney believes in the restoration of the "5-fold ministry," and would seem to be of a Kingdom Now mindset. A fundamental issue: why would a believer need to chase after God's presence? God through the Third Person of the Trinity INDWELLS the believer. God is with him/her at all times! But then, Mr. Tenney comes from the "Oneness" Pentecostal cult that denies the Trinitarian nature of God!

So few people today seem to heed the Scriptural warning to test the spirits. But nowadays the WORD is OUT, and EXPERIENCE is IN! The Enemy would certainly not want us to pay attention to the many passages speaking of apostasy and deception in the Last Days (which we are undoubtedly in!)

"For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears." (2 Timothy 4:3)

"But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived." (2 Timothy 3:13)

Naturally, anyone daring to seriously question this movement will be dismissed as being out of tune with what God is doing TODAY! But questions NEED to be asked. After all, we have a serious and sober duty to "EARNESTLY CONTEND FOR THE FAITH WHICH WAS ONCE DELIVERED UNTO THE SAINTS." (Jude v3)

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Further research has unearthed some very disturbing facts with respect to the background to the Cwmbran "outpouring." Details of these will follow in my next post.

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