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"Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God:
because many false prophets are gone out into the world."
(1 John 4:1)


IF YOU WANT TO KNOW THE PURITY OF THE WATER, FOLLOW THE STREAM BACK TO ITS SOURCE! The Lord impressed this vital truth upon me quite some time ago now, and it's this principle that I'm going to apply here in making my appraisal of New Wine Cymru's forthcoming 'Mission to Wales,' to be conducted in conjunction with 'The Turning Team' from Reading. In doing so I'm going to use primary source material, directly referencing the principal players, both those on centre stage and those positioned behind the curtains whose crucial role cannot be overstated.

In compiling this account, my first of three great concerns is that a lot of well-intentioned Christians are going to get caught in what is a seductively baited trap, snared through failing to distinguish between the genuine and the counterfeit. We need to know, and know in advance, the why's and the wherefore's of it all. We need to know exactly where this is coming from, and equally importantly we need to ascertain its ultimate destination.

Trying the spirits. Are they truly of God? Or are they great pretenders? The Lord's primary warning in Matthew 24 about the Last Days prior to His return was that we be not deceived. He does not want His precious flock to have the wool pulled over its eyes; He wants His sheep to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves; He wants us to exercise all possible caution, that we don't stumble and fall in the ever increasing darkness as the end of the age so rapidly approaches. With this firmly in mind, let us firstly look as we must at the events of May-June 2016, frequently referred to as "The Reading Outpouring" but labelled and promoted by its two main protagonists as 'The Turning.'


May-June, 2016. 'The Gate' church in Reading, Berkshire, pastored by Yinka Oyekan who also heads up the 'Barnabas Fellowship Of Churches' (of which 'The Gate' is naturally a part), conducts a street outreach programme. The results are allegedly so incredibly successful that the campaign is quickly nationally hyped as "The Reading Outpouring."

A year on, and 'The Turning' as this much trumpeted "outpouring" was to become officially titled, is steadily making notable inroads into churches and church movements across the UK. Here in Wales, New Wine Cymru under the leadership of Julian Richards (who is also on the Board of the Evangelical Alliance, as well as heading up Cornerstone Church in Swansea) has enthusiastically partnered with 'The Turning Team' under Yinka Oyekan. 'Mission to Wales,' as it is billed, will be using the Reading model for a large-scale street evangelism campaign to be rolled out right across Wales from Thursday 6 July through to Saturday 15 July. A big evangelistic effort has to be good news, right? Let's just remember, as the old saying goes, that all that glitters is not gold. It might be, well... just glitter! So let's proceed to trace the stream back to its source, and then we can determine what might be in the water... and whether it's safe to drink it or we should leave it well alone!


In investigating the back-story to events in Reading, the first thing we need to take note of is that for a whole year previous to the mission itself, 'The Gate' had already been sending out a team of young "prophets" aged only 11-18 once a month to "prophesy" over the unsaved. This they had reportedly been trained to do in the 'Company of Prophets' run by 'The Gate,' and this is our first real red flag. Prophets cannot learn how to prophesy! Apart from the fact that all gifts of the Spirit are given individually, and not everyone gets given the same gift(s) - be it prophecy or any of the others - prophecy is by its nature a spontaneous utterance of the Spirit; it is not some methodology which any amount of tutoring can effect. It is enabled directly by God, not by any man. He gives, or He does not give, according to His sovereign will. Any contradiction or contravention of such sovereignty will inevitably result in false prophecies which spring only from the flesh. It is today as it was in Jeremiah's day, when he recorded:

"Thus saith the LORD of hosts, Hearken not unto the words of the prophets that prophesy unto you: they make you vain: they speak a vision of their own heart, 
and not out of the mouth of the LORD."
(Jeremiah 23:16)

A 'Company of Prophets' supposedly training people how to prophesy is, of course, hyper-Charismatic to the core. Yinka Oyekan's predilection for such things becomes even more apparent when we look at the 'Barnabas Fellowship Of Churches,' which as we've already noted also has Yinka Oyekan at the helm. The BFOC runs a 'School of Supernatural Ministry!' Sound at all familiar? Where do you suppose this concept may have come from? Any connection perhaps between Yinka Oyekan and Bill Johnson, Lead Pastor of 'Bethel' in Redding, California, with its infamous 'Bethel School of the Supernatural?' There sure is!

For a number of years now, Oyekan has been mentored by Bill Johnson, recording his gratitude to him and his wife Beni "for investing in me the last few years, it kept me going through very difficult times and kept me spiritually alive. Thanks Bill and Benny (sic) Johnson." (Source: The warning I gave about the Johnsons and their "church" in a recent article certainly bears repeating here:

This has to be one of the unsafest "Christian" couples on the planet, their "Christianity" having all the authenticity of a paste diamond, with Bethel having far more in common with sorcery and New Age mystical spirituality than with Biblical Christianity. From gold dust to glory clouds, from falling feathers to fire tunnels, from floating orbs to a born-again "Jesus," from waking up sleeping angels to grave-sucking necromancy, absolutely anything goes at Bethel under the Johnsons' (mis)leadership.

Students from 'Bethel School of the Supernatural' engage in 
sucking Evan Roberts' anointing from his grave in Loughor.

This close relationship seems to have stemmed from (or at least been cemented by) Oyekan's very significant attendance at a Bill Johnson Apostolic Conference in 2011, an event at which Oyekan met one Dr. Michael Maiden, who is the Lead Pastor of 'Church For The Nations' in Phoenix, Arizona. As Maiden enters the story, not only will we be able to see how incredibly heavily polluted with spiritual toxins the stream actually is, but also exactly where it's flowing to! But before we examine the Michael Maiden connection in some detail, let's go back to last year's events in Reading to check out another very important ingredient that got stirred into the stew... a man who filed for bankruptcy in 2010 with up to one million dollars in liabilities, but is now riding high again as Lead Pastor of 'Light Fort Myers,' a church in Fort Myers, Florida, which also serves as World HQ of revivalist organization 'The American Awakening' which he founded: Tommie J. Zito, the man who Oyekan brought in to spearhead the Reading mission.


"It has been my privilege to be able to speak into Tommie's life for the last eight years and there is no doubt in my mind that God will use Tommie in the future to shake whole regions of the world. Get ready - because we stand on the brink of the next great Spiritual Awakening!"
- Dr. Rodney M. Howard-Browne, Tampa, Florida, October 2004

This quote is taken from the foreword to Tommie Zito's book, 'A Spiritual Awakening,' showing that Zito has long been closely involved with and endorsed by "The Holy Ghost Bartender" himself, a fact emphasized by Oyekan in his personal review of 'The Turning' in which he references Zito as being a disciple of Rodney Howard-Browne. (See:

A South African now resident in the USA, Howard-Browne was a key figure in the "holy laughter" movement; from a Word of Faith background in his homeland, he rose to prominence when invited to preach at an AOG church in Lakeland, Florida in the Spring of 1993. It was there that the "holy laughter" phenomenon broke out big-time. Notorious charlatan Oral Roberts, inventor of the "seed-faith" scam, and his son Richard went to Lakeland to check this out, and were so impressed by what was being served at "Joel's Bar" that they invited him to hold meetings at the Oral Roberts University, where the same uncontrollable laughter was experienced. 

Even more significantly, while "ministering" at that hot-bed of Word of Faith theology, Kenneth "Dad" Hagin's 'Rhema Bible Training Center' near Tulsa, Oklahoma, a Vineyard pastor named Randy Clark received "the anointing" from Howard-Browne. Hearing of Clark's being tremendously touched, fellow Vineyard pastor John Arnott of the Toronto Airport church invited him to bring the drunken partying to Canada in January, 1994. He did just that, and the rest is history. Dark, dark history. 'The Toronto Blessing' as it became known went global practically overnight, and thousands of discernment-devoid people were soon rolling in the aisles and barking like dogs, laughing hysterically when they should have been weeping with grief for the huge Satanic delusion that had so incredibly infiltrated and overtaken the professing Church of Jesus Christ.

This necessarily brief overview of the origins of 'The Toronto Blessing' is given to emphasize the key role taken by Rodney Howard-Browne in this deeply demonic deception, and that this being so, any disciple of this self-proclaimed "Holy Ghost Bartender" is not a faithful follower of The Way but someone who has embraced "another Jesus... another spirit... another gospel." (2 Corinthians 11:4).

We should well note that both Tommie (who was allegedly born again at the age of 3!) and wife Kimberly graduated in the '90s from the aforementioned 'Rhema Bible Training Center,' then travelling the world as personal assistants to Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne. Theirs is a long and deep relationship indeed. 

Recommended reading on 'The Toronto Blessing' from The Christian Research Institute:


In the introduction, I referred to my first great concern about 'Mission to Wales.' We will now move on to what is my second: "easy-believism."

Most significantly, participants in the Reading mission were not encouraged to witness to people as prompted by the Spirit when approaching them on the street, but rather to work instead to a set script. Perhaps, in view of the connection we've just been examining, it will come as no surprise to learn that "the Script used in Reading is virtually identical to the one formulated by Dr. Rodney Howard Brown (sic) in his book "The Great Awakening, Power Evangelism Manual." (Source:

"I've just got to tell you 2 things REAL QUICK... I've got to ask you a REAL QUICK question... Let me tell you 3 things the Bible says REAL QUICK... I'm gonna say a QUICK prayer for you..." (my capitalization for emphasis)


"If you would like to receive this free gift, Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, JUST SAY THIS with me..." (my capitalization for emphasis)


Of this woefully inadequate, surface-skimming, "easy-believism" script, Oyekan admits that "one pastor was in tears as he felt it was deficient in its gospel proclamation," then shamefully dismisses this man's passionate and very correct concern with the words, "Emotionally the script touches on everyone's PRIDE particularly when the simplicity of the tool is presented." (My capitalization of the word PRIDE). How the sides of the prideful father of lies must be aching from laughing so heartily at such blind folly!


"The messiness of the kind of conversions seen in a normal mission remains but in the outpouring this messiness is multiplied hundreds of times... I am sure the quality of the conversion will improve... "

The quality of the conversion will improve? Either conversion is genuine re-birth in Christ or it is not. There are no degrees of authenticity. Oyekan is effectively admitting that the reality behind the hype is that his "outpouring" statistics - an average of 65 salvation decisions/re-dedications a day - are just so much tosh, and not worth the paper they're printed on. These figures are chalked up as actual conversions or returns to Christ despite Oyekan's own observation that many will not be genuine, remarking that "there will also be a number who on the streets have stopped to pray out of politeness and still others who have prayed just to move the Christians on, and still others who are open to any kind of spiritual experience."

Very sadly, "messiness" is indeed the operative word. And if you should take a look at Tommie Zito's website, you'll immediately see that he is someone who's also very fond of publishing eye-catching but equally meaningless statistics that you can read absolutely anything you wish into. (See:

There is another serious question to be raised here. If any of these street "converts" are subsequently recruited into the participating churches, then what is it exactly that they will be brought into? The Faith that was once and for all time delivered? (Jude v3). Or an experiential, experimental, fleshly faith that is not built on the immovable Rock, but on the soulish sand of "philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ?" (Colossians 2:8). Will they get uncompromisingTruth... or ear-tickling titillation?


"And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables."
(2 Timothy 4:4)

At this point it will be appropriate to return to and very carefully consider the Michael Maiden connection, for this has enormous relevance in understanding how 'The Turning' was - and is - a cleverly camouflaged exercise not in turning TO but rather in turning AWAY from Truth in favour of fabrications. Let's look at the importance of the following statement:

"BFOC has been journeying with Pastor Michael Maiden since Pastor Yinka met him at Bill Johnson's Apostolic conference 2 years ago."
(Source: - article of 25/11/13)

Exploring the "divine partnership" as it is described, between the Barnabas Fellowship Of Churches (BFOC) and Michael Maiden's own 'Church For The Nations' (CFTN) in Phoenix, Arizona and 'Church on the Rock International' (COTRI) - a network of affiliated churches of which Maiden is President and CEO - reveals the depth of the Dominionist delusion that Yinka Oyekan has so enthusiastically allied himself with. We need to look at the theology of CFTN and COTRI, noting that Oyekan has accepted the position of European Director of the latter, whose Chairman is Lawrence Kennedy, a known member of the 'New Apostolic Roundtable' whose Convening Apostle was the late C. Peter Wagner, the "founding father" of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). (See:


Does the Bible make any reference to seven mountains? Yes, indeed it does! We will look at this extremely important Scripture in the Conclusion.

"Our mission is to REACH out to all people and nations with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God,
To TRAIN, equip and empower believers by God's word, to grow in Christ-likeness and find and fulfill their kingdom destiny.
To SEND an army of ambassadors into the 7 mountains of culture as agents of kingdom transformation."

To this end, Maiden has written books like 'The Missing Piece: the 7 Mountain Strategy' and 'Turn The World Upside Down: Discipling the Nations with the Seven-Mountain Strategy' which conclusively confirm Maiden's "Latter Rain" Dominionism, with its rejection of Biblical eschatological truth and its replacement with "cunningly devised fables." (2 Peter 1:16). The Bible nowhere speaks of any kind of strategy for believers to transform culture. Rather, it tells us plainly that things will only get worse and worse and darker and darker, not better and better and lighter and lighter as the NAR would have it. It tells us that there will be great apostasy, not great revival as the NAR loudly proclaims. The prophets of the NAR are like the 400 prophets of Ahab with lying spirits in their mouths, who falsely prophesied victory at Ramothgilead while the contrary words of Micaiah the true prophet were spurned. (See 2 Chronicles 18). It says much that Maiden's 'Church For The Nations' is the church of the notorious Elijah List's beloved false prophetess, Patricia King, who is listed as a member of their "Extended Pastoral Staff!" (See:

At this juncture, it will be pertinent to highlight a couple of big names that Maiden's church links to. (See: Unsurprisingly the first we'll note is Bill Johnson, recognized as an Apostle in the NAR; the second is Bishop Joseph Garlington, a member of the 'Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders' which is a key huddle of NAR "A-listers."

Very revealingly, CFTN's 'Vision' page lists their Top Ten goals, NONE of which are to see sinners saved; the focus is on bigger and better, and enlarging their sphere of influence globally, with "an army of Kingdom ambassadors" sent out to take the 7 mountains of culture. To provide covering for (i.e. NAR Apostolic control over) no less than 10,000 churches worldwide is their Number One goal. On the 'Vision' page is also to be found their self-proclaimed raison d'etre. Is this perhaps to proclaim the Gospel, and feed the sheep that they may grow in grace? Well, actually, no. "CFTN exists to help every person discover the divine destiny God has prepared for their life... we are committed as a church to help people discover God's dream for their life." CFTN is not just Dominionist, but also "Purpose-Driven!" Rick Warren will surely be very proud of his proteges.

It should also be mentioned that CFTN boasts that "must-have" hyper-Charismatic phenomenon of "Healing Rooms," affiliated to Cal Pierce's 'International Association of Healing Rooms' based in Spokane, Washington, a re-birth of the ministry of false teacher John G. Lake. "Apostle" Cal Pierce is another NAR "A-lister," a member of its exclusive 'International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders.' (ICAL's 2017 Annual Congress in Dallas this November is apparently going to be launching "The 3rd. Reformation!")

Tracing the ever more disturbingly toxic flow further upstream, we find that in the '90s Michael "Mike" Maiden was Lead Pastor of 'Eagle's Nest Christian Embassy' in Scottsdale, Arizona, the scene of a major financial scandal. In July, 1996, the 'Tucson Citizen' reported:

"SCOTTSDALE - Two pastors bilked investors out of hundreds of thousands of dollars using claims about words from God, the investors allege in a lawsuit. According to the suit, Rev. Mike Maiden of the Eagle's Nest Christian Embassy repeatedly claimed he had divine guidance on important financial decisions. He then used the claims to help the "financial pastor," Frank Luca, defraud investors out of their money. Luca, 52, was indicted earlier this year by a federal grand jury on charges of selling millions of dollars in fraudulent real-estate partnerships in Sedona and in Nevada. Nearly four dozen investors from Arizona and other states filed the suit July 19. The suit seeks unspecified damages and a court order freezing the $3 million the church expects to earn from the sale of its Scottsdale property, said attorney Russell Piccolli. He said he wants the funds preserved to pay any judgment that may result from the suit."

More details of the shocking fraud were supplied by The Arizona Securities Division:

"A pamphlet written by the church pastor describing Luca's "Vision Plan" for funding a new $2 million church building stated:
'For the past year I have prayerfully sought the Lord for the plan and direction he would have us take in regards to the financing costs of the construction and improvements of the new building... The plan and direction God has given us is strategic, sound and safe!... In the love of Jesus, Pastor Mike Maiden."

This purportedly God-given plan which Maiden pronounced to be sound and safe, was in reality a cynical scam. But with such pastoral assurance, many church members were to be devastatingly swindled out of their money, one losing her late husband's $300,000 life insurance pay-out. Luca pleaded guilty, agreeing to pay restitution of $11.4 million, while Maiden managed to successfully put the lurid ashes of 'Eagle's Nest' behind him, and rise to lofty heights in Phoenix and beyond.

If his deviant Dominionist worldview, and his hyper-Charismatic and Purpose-Driven proclivities were not in themselves spelling it out in very large letters, what the 'Eagle's Nest' episode tells us in no uncertain terms is that Michael Maiden is not a man to be in any way trusted. But if all this were not enough, there is more. We've looked at where this stream is coming from, and the point it has currently reached, which brings me now to document my third great concern, which is where this stream is inexorably heading: the kingdom and the global religion of Antichrist.


What other toxins might be in the water? Ecumenism perhaps? 

Ecumenism is in the spiritual what the mercury compound, dimethylmercury is in the natural: the most deadly of poisons. It has one inevitable final outcome, and one alone: the reversal of the Reformation and unification with Rome. Spiritual death. Anyone who has just a modicum of knowledge of Church history and awareness of the doctrines and practices of Catholicism, will know full well the utter incompatibility of the Roman religion and Biblical Faith. But lauded evangelical leaders with large followings, in reality Truth-rejecting renegades, have been falling over themselves the last 2 or 3 years in their haste to visit the Vatican and get pally with the Pope! Kenneth Copeland, the Arnotts, Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, the UK's own David Carr, Michael Maiden... STOP. REWIND. Michael Maiden?

The Twitter account of Michael Maiden shows conclusively what the end-game is; his Tweets and photos for June, 2016 say it all:

Item 1)
Michael Maiden @drmichaelmaiden 6 Jun 2016
We're on our way to Rome for a time of prayer and sharing with the Pope. Thank you for your love, support and prayers

Shouldn't the alarm bells now be ringing so loudly that blood is running from your ears? Or are you stone deaf to what The Word declares about the whore drunken with the blood of the saints and the martyrs? "What fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness?" asks the Word, "What communion hath light with darkness?" And again, "What concord hath Christ with Belial?" "Hey - no problem! I'll have fellowship with unrighteousness, I'll have communion with darkness, and I'll have concord with Belial!" is Michael Maiden's obvious reply!  

Item 2)
Michael Maiden @drmichaelmaiden 10 Jun 2016
Great leaders meeting in Rome in the morning and a private tour of the Sistine Chapel in afternoon

Ah - the sensational ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, by Michelangelo. And paid for by Pope Julius II by the selling of indulgences - the most lucrative financial scam ever perpetrated in "Christianity," matched only in modern times by Oral Roberts and his dollar-delivering "seed-faith" swindle. Something to smile about, Mr. and Mrs. Maiden?

Item 3)
Michael Maiden @drmichaelmaiden 11 Jun 2016
Incredible time with Pope Francis. He humbly shared his heart with us and I humbly shared a prophetic word for him

A picture that paints a thousand words: Michael Maiden literally standing shoulder to shoulder with the Pope, who "shared his heart." His Jesuit heart to bring back the "lost brethren?" i.e. to get all that calls itself "Christian" melded into the "Mother Church" and under Papal authority? And what "prophetic word" for Francis was "humbly shared" with him by a peacock-proud Maiden? He omits to tell us, but somehow I don't think it was along the lines of Revelation 13:11: "I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon." Just a thought...

Items 4) and 5)
Michael Maiden @drmichaelmaiden 26 Jun 2016
The prayer of the church is for REVIVAL. The prayer of Jesus is for UNITY.

Michael Maiden @drmichaelmaiden 26 Jun 2016
When we give God what He wants, UNITY, He'll give us what we want, REVIVAL.

UNITY. One of THE buzz-words of what passes for Christianity these days. Meaning the bogus "unity" of ecumenism that Maiden speaks of here: "churches together" in fellowship with unrighteousness, in communion with darkness, in concord with Belial. (That's Satan, by the way, just in case anyone was wondering!) We can only have true unity in Truth. Period. Any other type of perceived and promoted "unity" is a sham. A mockery. Apostasy, impure and simple. 


As it is written:

"For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, 
transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. 
And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the 
ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works."
(2 Corinthians 11:13-15)


The 7 mountains as referenced by the Word of God? As opposed to the 7 mountains as defined by Michael Maiden and his NAR cohorts?

"And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are SEVEN MOUNTAINS, on which the woman sitteth."
(Revelation 17:9 - my capitalization)

And who is the woman who straddles the seven mountains? None other than:

and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus."
(Revelation 17:5-6 - the Bible's capitalization)

Small wonder then that the New Apostolic Reformation tramples upon the teachings of the Book of Revelation, with its very clear association of "seven mountains" not with the Kingdom of God but with the false religious system holding sway over the Earth at the time of Antichrist's governance. Friends, it can be no mere coincidence that the Bible's one and only reference to "seven mountains" is given in this context. Revelation 17:18 further identifies the woman as being a "great city," and there is no question that this great city is Rome; the original old walled city itself famously sits on 7 hills. Just across the Tiber from the old city is Vatican Hill, HQ of the largest, wealthiest and most powerful pseudo-Christian cult on the planet, the Roman Catholic Church with its fantasy Eucharistic Christ.

I've stressed the very real concerns about Michael Maiden, especially because Yinka Oyekan is Maiden's appointed man in the UK and Europe. 'The Turning' I could maybe best describe as a vehicle for the transport and delivery of toxic waste... extremely hazardous material like Dominionism, Charismania, Purpose-Driven Warrenism, Toronto's still burning "strange fire," and the contemporary counter-Reformation that is the evil essence of ecumenism. And behind it all? THE SPIRIT OF ANTICHRIST!

"Walk while ye have the light, lest darkness come upon you: 
for he that walketh in darkness knoweth not whither he goeth."
(John 12:35)

"Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness."
(Luke 11:35)

* * * * * * *

There is so much more that could be said; I've endeavoured to encompass what was perceived to be perhaps the more salient points as things stand, and would encourage anyone to do their own research. To this end a string of relevant links is provided below, and information in this article can be verified via these primary sources.

Yinka Oyekan and The Turning:

Tommie J. Zito:

Michael Maiden:

Barnabas School of Prophetic Ministry:


  1. Once again, a brilliant piece of work, Rob. So sad that exposure of false prophets has become such an essential part of ministry to the Church today, but there's no escaping the fact of our living in the last days. Really appreciate your insight and hard work: in the gift God has given you, Rob, the Holy Spirit has not left us without a true witness and , indeed, watchman! This article you've worked so hard to put before us is certainly going to prove invaluable for all of us about to be visited by this 'Mission to Wales': forewarned is forearmed'. Thanks, Rob.

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement, my friend! It is very greatly appreciated.

      This work is just something that I have to do; this new article met with such relentless spiritual opposition to its completion and publication, but it had to be done regardless! My hope and prayer is simply that it may reach eyes and ears that are still open to receive it.

      With warmest wishes to you and yours from me and mine!
      In Him, Rob.

  2. Excellent piece of work Rob, this country needs more truly discerned people like your good self. May God bless you and keep you.

    1. I really appreciate your very kind words of support and encouragement!

      My most sincere thanks, and may God bless and keep you also!

      With very best wishes in Him,

  3. Excellent research and delivery of this much needed exposure Rob!
    Thank you for your obedience to the call of God in presenting biblical truth in a new age of experience chasing.

    The spirit in which you have covered this has been done in the correct way. I trust and pray that readers will stop and take a moment to read over it the second time.

    Every blessing bro


    1. I am grateful indeed for your friendship and support, Andrew!

      I just do what I have to, for His Name's sake and in contention for the Faith once and for all time unalterably delivered! May the One who never changes be pleased to use this article as suits His sovereign purposes.

      With warmest regards in Him,

  4. Apparently 'prince' Yinka Oyekan has 'royal' blood in him, being descended from a deposed African tribal monarchy, or so the story goes. It must be over ten years since I last heard that name!

    In my more gullible days I used to belong to a Pentecostal outfit that was part of the Barnabas group; in 2003 I met Yinka at camp in Wadebridge, Cornwall.
    One morning, there were a group of men (campers) gathered around Yinka's car with the bonnet up. I enquired as to what was wrong; it wouldn't start, and he was turning it over to the point that the battery was nearly flat. It was an early Renault Megane, and within about a minute of assessing the situation I identified the problem (being familiar with this model). The transponder key lost its synchronization with the ECU (engine control unit) and it took me about 30 seconds to re-synchronize the system (easy if you know how!)
    Vroom!!! I fired it up! Yinka nearly freaked out! thought I was some anointed great one! The hallelujahs went up! exacerbated in some measure by the speed and slickness which I performed the operation, it was so funny!

    I remember there being a strong Reading connection with Barnabas, John Angliss a Reading pastor was present (he was much more on the level! I think he has now left the group) along with Brian Gingles, Bob House and others (the 'great' Colin Urquart turned up for a special guest appearance!). I certainly witnessed madness in that place-to the extent that I had to find answers! They call it "The Pentecostal Error". Having said this, I sincerely believe that the Lord has His people in that denomination, for I know that they are NOT all given to its wild excesses. I would only ask them what error it is in Pentecostal doctrine that indeed gives rise to all these excesses?
    But then, here speaks a Calvinist Cessationist, so-called!

    This "Mission to Wales" is not good! Any connection with Rome is absolutely DIABOLICAL!!! It is my prayer that some would search for answers about this "Mission" and find your article! For "My sheep hear My voice"!

    On a 'minor' note Rome is certainly a major part of the whorish Babylonian system, but the actual city is not Rome, it is Babylon.
    God bless.

    1. Hi Colin, and many thanks for this very interesting comment!

      It's good to hear from someone with a personal knowledge of Yinka Oyekan and a previous involvement with the Barnabas Fellowship Of Churches, and so able to testify to first-hand experience of BFOC "madness!" Thank you for sharing this, and your prayer that some might search for answers about this forthcoming Mission to Wales. May the Lord be pleased to grant that the information would reach anyone who is still open to receive it!

      With warmest regards in Him,

  5. Jane Warburton18 June 2017 at 13:07

    Hi Rob, just to say thank you for your words of truth, for stepping out in faith and in obedience. You are a good and godly man and are much appreciated by us both. Training prophets - whatever next!

    1. Lovely to hear from you Jane!

      Thank you so very much for your extremely generous words of support! In all honesty though, I only do what I have to do, to try to contend as best I can for the Faith, in my own small way.

      Hope you and Neil are doing OK; may God richly bless you and keep you both safe in His sight!

      In Him,

  6. Dear Rob. Thank you so much for putting in the time and effort writing such a necessary article as this Mission to Wales approaches. We can but pray that The Lord will reveal to the participants the total inadequacy of this scripted attempt at evangelism not to mention the toxic connections with proven false prophets. As always all roads lead to Rome. God bless you and yours. Alexa.

    1. Hi Alexa!

      The supportive comments here in this section, and private messages received, have meant a very great deal to me and been a source of great encouragement. There was quite a "powers and principalities" battle experienced in getting this article written and published; to have such backing for it is a blessing indeed!

      Thank you so very much for adding your voice of support for this attempt to try to raise awareness of these most incredibly serious issues, and may God bless you also!

      In Him,

  7. Excellent article, Rob, many thanks. And thanks be to our Lord God for faithful watchmen like yourself who, at real cost, do continue to earnestly contend for the faith once for all delivered to the saints. All of us whose love for the Lord Jesus Christ compels us to do likewise, in whatever capacity, are finding out that there is a cost, whether that cost be ostracism, rejection or condemnation by significant “others”, labelling with harsh epithets and “being put out of the synagogue”, metaphorically(at least for now) speaking. Let us continue to put our trust in the Lord who alone knows the heart and count it all as joy. Jesus paid the ultimate price to save us because of his amazing love, whatever we may have to endure is so trivial compared to the horrific sufferings our Lord chose to experience in order to redeem fallen sinners. And He will give us the sufficient grace. As long as we continue to humbly depend on Him alone.
    Your thorough and indepth research has shed necessary light on a matter that is critically important for those of us who do have the fear of the Lord and who love others, not with that sentimental kind of worldly love that says “no-no, we mustn’t say anything negative, anything critical, anything that may upset someone’s feelings” but with the love that God has shed abroad in our hearts. The Ultimate Lover of Souls, Jesus Christ, neither minced His Words nor compromised on Truth (He called Peter “Satan”) Since when did feelings become the Golden Calf to be worshipped above the Lord God? What about the Lord’s feelings? Surely the Lord is grieved when He is being misrepresented – whether deliberately or in sincere error. The woeful fact is, there are many other Christs as there are many other gospels. But only the real, biblical Jesus Christ of Nazareth can save. The "script" is woefully inadequate and unfaithful in its lack of "showing Jesus" - the Cross is not even mentioned, nor the Resurrection, and the need for repentance is fudged over. And there are many other negatives about the script but I need to keep it short! One more pitiful and worrying example of how at source,
    the new breed of “evangelists” and “prophets” and “apostles” are shying away from proclaiming “hard” truths as they continue to trivialise and pervert the inerrant and forever relevant Word of God. They have deviated from the narrow path and carry on down increasingly dangerous avenues of darkness which they call “new revelations” and “new moves of the Holy Spirit”. And spreading their leaven through church leaders who really should know better. But many are embracing heresies and aberrations with an alarming lack of restraint and consideration of the clear Truth that is The Word of God - the Bible (faithful translations). You have covered all this very well and same is verified by personal experiences or irrefutable information of many genuine followers of the Way. The growing apostasy is truly present. May the Lord deliver from evil.

    1. Hi Sophia, and thank you so much for submitting this extremely perceptive comment!

      The very valid points you make vividly illustrate the urgent need for careful thought and earnest prayer, as this latest travesty is about to hit the streets of Wales in just a few days' time. A particular thank you for emphasizing the very great inadequacy of the script; Satan certainly doesn't want the Cross or the Resurrection mentioned! It is a typically "modern" disgraceful downplay of the Gospel message, a mere placebo to kid the recipient's brain that their sin has been sorted when there is no real efficacy in what has been given and received, the grim reality being that their condition is unchanged though they are assured that all is now well with their soul. How the Enemy must enjoy the sheer folly of it all; may the Lord indeed deliver us from darkness masquerading as light!

      Your support is truly appreciated, Sophia. May the Lord richly bless you for your faithfulness, and keep you safe in His sight!
      In Him,

  8. Excellent research.

    I resigned as chairman trustee of Barnabus group of Churches after reading M. Maiden's,'Turning the World Upside Down'.
    My wife and I had tried to maintain a policy of never criticizing the ministry of others. Alarm Bells rang for us from the beginning, because the book was presented as the answer to a fabricated idea that until this book was written, the 'Church' had got it all wrong. Bells continued to ring as we read the book, especially as M.Maiden claimed to be a prophet of the Lord, yet he has hijacked a genuine word from God received simultaneously by Bill Bright, Francis Schaeffer and Loren Cunningham, in which there was no mention of mountains, just spheres of influence in society. It was not a call to Dominionism.

    It struck us as odd that such a great prophet of the Lord had to use someone else's prophecy to make a name for himself. Checking him out revealed all the details mentioned by Rob. This led us to investigate Bill Johnson, because he had endorsed the book. We were puzzled that a man of such apparent spiritual stature could be deceived. The result of those investigations revealed that B Johnson is a total heretic, (I do not use the word lightly). We were then puzzled that someone apparently so powerfully in tune with the Holy Spirit, had no witness from the Holy Spirit about his own serious doctrinal error. This left the problem of where do the signs and wonders, that he claims are of the Spirit, come from? As Rob suggests we started to examine the sources of his supernatural power. That led to the whole background of spiritual pollution through people like Rodney Howard Browne, and others, which one can investigate for oneself.
    If we are mistaken in our assessment we sincerely ask God for his forgiveness, but to date, the evidence is alarming.

    We do not judge anyone's heart. The fact is that many who long to see a greater measure of power in the church have been contaminated by these people, but we are puzzled when Church leaders fail to discern that something is seriously wrong.

    Deception deceives. We can all be deceived for a period of time, but if we truly are in tune with the Spirit of truth, surely the light of the Spirit within should uncover the deception.

    Our advice is to give them a wide berth. Drink from a well that you are confident is not contaminated with the promise of extra - Biblical phenomena.

    1. Hi Mike, and many thanks for this detailed comment!

      I really appreciate your confirmation, by your own research, of the findings outlined in this article. We are at a time in Church history when very regrettably it is folly indeed to take things at face value, and not do background checks on those who claim to be the Lord's servants. We really must test the spirits, and must check what is being taught and practiced against the Word of God. We cannot allow the subjectivity of an experience-based faith replace the objectivity of a Bible-based Faith. These are indeed perilous times, times that we were warned would come and have now most certainly arrived. As you say, we do not presume to judge anyone's heart, but at the same time it is imperative that we discern and warn when the Body is faced with real and present danger.

      I thank you again for your willingness to testify to the correctness of the warning given here about the likes of Maiden, Johnson and Howard-Browne. I commend you, brother, for your integrity in resigning from your position within Barnabus over this very issue, which I'm sure was a heart-rending thing to do.

      May the Lord richly bless you and your wife for your selfless faithfulness!

      In Him,

  9. With reference to the eloquent words of Mike Hancock above, please for those who are searching for materials on discernment, see the DVD, 'Wide Is The Gate Volume 3' by Caryl Matrisciana. The heresy of Bill Johnson and the apostasy of his church, Bethel Redding, California is clearly exposed. The enemy of God has deceived as an Angel of Light!

    Trailers for the 'Wide is the Gate' DVDs Volumes 1 & 2, available on YouTube are highly recommended viewing!

    1. Hi!

      Caryl Matrisciana, who recently went to be with the Lord, was a most faithful and fearless defender of the Faith!

      I would highly recommend her materials, along with the works of Ray Yungen, Roger Oakland and Warren B. Smith, in exposing Satanic deception in today's Church - or what passes itself off as being the Church!

      Thank you for passing on this recommendation!

      Best wishes in Him,

  10. any thoughts on the adulterer and banned elim leader richard taylor taking over as head pastor at the bethania chapel near you

    1. In a word - yes. I will share such thoughts as and when the Spirit so leads.

      In Him,

  11. Wow. What a very thought provoking piece! A very well researched artical that needs serious thinking over.

    Our church is having a Turning training days in April 2018.

    I have had concerns about this movement when I first read the "script" and warning bells started.

    Thankyou so much for all the research to find the polluted source.

    I will not get involved when it comes to our church in April next year as your artical has confirmed its from a polluted source.

    We are living in dark days and your comments on linking up with Rome is so truth.

    Our church has recently join Churches together in the town. I told one of the leaders that we had now aligned ourselves with Rome. He had no answer.

    This alignment with Rome will surely come as the Charismatic and Charismatic Catholics join together because they have one thing that units them. They all speak in tongues! The fact that some Charismatic Catholics say speaking in tongues dr eyes them closer to Mary and the Eurachrist is often overlooked.

    Thank you again for your excellent artical


    1. Hi Martyn, and thanks so much for writing in!

      So many people are enthusiastically jumping on board 'The Turning' train without any thought either for where it's coming from or where it's heading. Such a huge failure to test the spirits! Sad indeed to hear that your own fellowship is blind to the false spirit behind 'The Turning' and 'Churches Together.' Here in Wales, 'Cytun' (Churches Together in Wales) is actually chaired by a Roman Catholic! Dark days indeed. Perilous times, that the Bible warned us would come and have arrived big time!

      I am heartened, however, to receive your feedback showing that not everyone is taken in by all this, and will not be party to such things. Well done, brother, for your faithful stand, and thank you again for the encouragement you've given me by your comment. It's a real privilege if the information in this article has been of help in confirming that your own feelings of disquiet about this movement were all too justified.

      May the Lord grant you His peace, His protection and His wisdom in this coming New Year, as you find yourself out of synch with your own church over the direction it has taken.

      With very best wishes in Him,

  12. Thank you so much for this. I have shared it with Prophecy Today UK; I do hope that is OK with you. The movement is gaining momentum and my own, and local churches, are embracing it.

    1. Hi Jacqueline, and many thanks for your support for this attempt to warn of the false spirit behind The Turning!

      I'm very happy for you to share this article with whoever you feel led to pass it on to; as you say, this is infiltrating many, many churches, and believers badly need to be made aware that far from being a move of the Holy Spirit, this is darkness pretending to be light, to cleverly seduce the unwary and the undiscerning.

      With very best wishes in Him,

  13. Wow. I pray that You receive more mercy than you give, and find truly who Jesus is .

    1. Maiden? Johnson? Howard-Browne? You think that these have truly found Jesus? The real, Biblical Jesus, rather than "another Jesus" as Paul warned of in 2 Corinthians 11:4? For myself, I'll stick with the genuine, not the counterfeit!

      Sincerely in Him,