Monday, 30 September 2013


The following comment was received anonymously on my last blogpost, quite obviously in an attempt - as underhanded as it is clumsy! - to question the integrity of fellow watchman Mr. Neville Stephens of Zion, Talywain, who has of course also been exposing the falseness of the so-called "Welsh Outpouring" at Victory Church, Cwmbran:


Accounts for 31 Dec 2010:
698 days overdue Annual Return for 31 Dec 2010:
698 days overdue

Where it operates

Financial summary
Financial year end (FYE) Income Spending Accounts received Annual Return/Annual Update received
31 Dec 2011 Not received (332 days overdue) Not received (332 days overdue)
31 Dec 2010 Not received (698 days overdue) Not received (698 days overdue)
31 Dec 2009 £0 £3,548 Not Required 05 Jul 2010 **
31 Dec 2008 £1,023 £3,386 Not Required Below threshold
31 Dec 2007 £18,276 £17,113 Not received (1793 days overdue) 05 Aug 2009 (278 days late)

My reply? As follows:
Hello, Mr. Spoon, the anonymous stirrer! 

You've just ended up with egg on your face rather than on the plate! I'll leave it to fellow watchman Mr. Neville Stephens to properly reply to this very clumsy piece of attempted denigration!

Neville Stephens has indeed now responded, as follows:

Thanks Rob for posting the scurrilous allegations about me and my running of Zion Church in your email above. 

As you know, these are out of date, are untrue, and do not apply to me. However, it does go to show the length these "Christian Leaders" will go to defend their cause, and to attempt to stoke up some false smoke in the enemy camp when there is no fire there in the first place! 

I have much to say in reply to this attempt at denigration, but it will not all fit into the limited space allowed in these "comment sections".

Therefore I am sending you my full reply by separate email, and I trust that you will be good enough to publish it on your blog, so that your readers (and mine, as we have many mutual followers), can see what sort of irresponsible leaders we are dealing with at the false "Welsh Outpouring" and at Victory Church.

Many Thanks,
Maranatha Blessings,


Here is the full reply referred to above:

Hi My Fellow Watchman Rob,

Thank you so much for posting the above article by "Mr Spoon" (I like that) regarding the accounts for Zion Christian Fellowship here at Talywain in Pontypool. You did not have to publish this clumsy and in-accurate email, but I am so glad that you did, as it gives me the opportunity to respond.

However, first of all, can I say that this "comment" makes a mockery of the recent sermons given by Richard Taylor and Andrew Parsons at Victory Church where they state that they will take no notice of their accusers, and in fact will laugh heavily (with a very false laugh on the recording), at us watchmen as we fail in our ministry!

What hypocrites they are! If they are just going to laugh at us, why has one of them taken the time to not only post on your blog, but actually do a little "research" into the history of Zion in order to make their false claims!

This email has the fingerprints of Parsons all over it, and I have also been reliably informed by another contact, that it is indeed him who is behind this attempt to undermine the work and witness at Zion, as well as that of the watchers on the walls!

And all of this from the failed entrepreneur and disgraced bankrupt from New Zealand! Parsons describes himself as "The Executive Officer of Victory Outreach UK" and also "The Executive Pastor at Victory Church", and a further salary is paid to his wife Susan Parsons, who is "The Finance Officer". 

Parsons previous company in Auckland New Zealand, Contrast Designs Ltd (2008-2011), was struck off by the New Zealand Companies Office, as Parsons filed for bankruptcy after his business catastrophe. This is the couple who run the finances up at Greenforge Way (a little like the deceitful Judas who stole cash from the money belonging to the disciples in John 13:29)!

There is more I could say about the devious Parsons, but it will have to wait for another time as more and more unsavoury information is coming out about this wretched fellow. Just for now, suffice it to say, that Pastor Richard Taylor was a fine young Elim Pastor, Preacher and Evangelist for many years, and was held in high esteem by many fellow Elim Pastors and many more admirers in the true Christian community.

However, this was to change when the unscrupulous Parsons returned from New Zealand and put "the money stars" in the eyes of Richard. He painted the superlative scenario of success and stardom, together with the fame and celebrity status which accompanies such a rise up the "money tree"! 

Unfortunately, a little like Solomon, young Richard failed to act on his former wisdom, and had his head turned by "the evil whispers in his ears" from his former Bible college student friend Parsons. By the way, neither of these men completed their Theological degree, and do not possess the correct qualifications to claim the various titles of leadership they aspire to. 

So coming back to the main reason for writing this piece, it is to defend the outrageous claims that Parsons and his cohorts are making about me and my running of the Zion Church at 4, Pisgah Road, Talywain, Pontypool, NP4 7HZ.

If you take just a "casual" glance at his posting, not even paying careful or serious attention to it, you will see that the dates mentioned are from documents relating to the period 2007 to 2010 by the former Zion Christian Fellowship, which used to reside at the same address as our Zion Church.

My wife and I took over Zion in January 2012, and held our first public meeting in February 2012 as you can from see from my blog at Also, if you care to look in the right hand column at the top under our photograph, you will see parts of an article written by Melissa Jones on February 12th, which appeared in both The Pontypool Free Press, and The Argus. We still have the two articles on our Church notice board for perusal, and of course you can always obtain verification of this by contacting the local papers yourself under their archive sections.

The former Zion Christian Fellowship was another extreme Charismatic Church full of the Kundalini and Satanic spirit, similar to Victory Church, and quite naturally failed to survive once true Christians began to see through their delusional desires, and their deceptive deeds of diversity and division. The Lord Jesus Christ did not bless this fellowship, and it failed, just as the same as will happen with the false "Welsh Outpouring" in Cwmbran. 

The Zion Church and The Prophetic Witness we run from the chapel in Pisgah Road, has NOTHING AT ALL, past present or future to do with the former Zion Christian Fellowhip which used to operate from our premises! As a consequence, these outstanding issues having nothing to do with us whatsoever. In fact we are not even a registered charity and we do not take up any offerings at any of our meetings (unless we have had a guest conference speaker who has travelled many miles, to cover his expenses). And we certainly do not have any staff such as "executive officers" and the like who are employed and financially rewarded from the Victory Campus. We are just a small company of believers, friends and volunteers who meet weekly for Christian fellowship, praise, prayer, worship, and ministry.

We study the Bible thoroughly in true Berean fashion, and we place a strong emphasis on The Second Coming Of Christ, and the world conditions as prophesied in the Scriptures which will lead up to His Return to earth. As Jesus Himself warned of "deception in the last days" four times alone in Matthew 24 (and many other times as well during his three and a half year ministry), we are always on the lookout for false prophets, false teachers, false "Christian" messages, and false cults, etc as we perform our duties of being watchers on the walls in these last days of Devilish deception. Many such practices take place at Victory Church and at the "Welsh Outpouring", hence  our raised voices in warning and anger at the stage managed theatrics taking place in dear old Cwmbran, which are leading many people astray as they follow their apostate leaders!

I am an open book. My photos, my church, my fellowships, my prophetic ministry, my phone number, and nearly all of my personal information is there for all to see on my blog. I have nothing to hide, unlike Parsons and some of his colleagues!. Please scrutinise away, as much as you want, for we are "clean" here at Zion at Talywain and have very clear consciences before our Lord and JUDGE, Yeshua from Nazareth, our soon coming KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS.  

What this episode very clearly shows is a most unGodly and grossly misleading attempt at denigration of one of the watchmen who is engaged in exposing the reality of what is happening at the Victory operations in Cwmbran. 

Reader, please ask yourself this. If the "Welsh Outpouring" is absolutely a true and holy movement of God, then why are those who ask questions about it being subjected to intimidation, misrepresentation, abuse and ridicule? Please ask yourself, are such things Godly? Is it not obvious that something is very seriously amiss when "Outpouring" leaders and supporters are engaging in such unrighteous activity? Please ponder on this; we are all Scripturally urged to test the spirits!

"Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world."
(1 John 4:1)

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


The focus of this post is an interview with Richard Taylor and Andrew Parsons, for a UCB TV documentary on the so-called "Welsh Outpouring." The video of this production was posted on the Victory website on 2 July, 2013 and can be found at:‎


The correspondent who drew my attention to this, quite rightly had an important observation to make, which I reproduce here from the comments section elsewhere:

"Half way through the message he says that he realised he had "Hidden Hatred in his heart and has since repented of it regarding certain peoples. So I just wondered what we were listening too and his Church members, prior to his repenting? please tell me how you Mr Taylor an Annointed and appointed man of God as you say you are, can have hidden hatred in his heart? Please listen to your Own Words on the interview on UCB, these are not my words.."

If this in itself was not sufficient food for thought, I want to look here at these men speaking about the origin of the "Welsh Outpouring"  - using a transcript of their own words, so I'm not paraphrasing them:

Taylor: "The 'outpouring' really didn't begin on the 10th. of April with Paul's miracle, you know, when he got out of a wheelchair. It happened 17 years ago, and a lot of people have claimed prophetically to have prophesied about this revival, outpouring, whatever people choose to call it. Well, actually, no-one can claim it except Jesus, 'cos He's the one who started it... it came from a prophetic word I had 17 years ago with my (pause) who's now my Executive Pastor Andrew Parsons. We were Bible College students together in Birmingham."

(As an aside, what exactly IS an Executive Pastor???)

Parsons: "We had such a presence of God for three hours... The Lord said, He said, I'm going to use you both in the future for a mighty move of the Spirit!"

Taylor: "I am going to use you both in revival, the likes of which the world has never seen before, and the eyes of the world will be upon it. And that was it."

OK. Let's examine these statements. The "prophecy" was given to EACH OTHER, not given by or witnessed apparently by anyone else! This is important. In an "ecstatic" state, they gave EACH OTHER a mutual "prophecy" with no one testifying to this "divine event" other than THEMSELVES! It was a SECRET "word" (when God does not act in SECRECY!)

Taylor's slant on this "prophecy" magnifies it into one of the greatest prophecies ever given to any man at any time in all history, claiming the Lord said that the "revival" that they would be used in would be one THE LIKES OF WHICH THE WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN BEFORE! Just think about the absolute enormity and the implications of that claim! 

"We're gonna be BIG, Andrew! The BIGGEST!"

Day One of the "Outpouring" was marked by "Paul's miracle" as Taylor puts it. This Paul is one Paul Haynes, and as a number of people have testified, he was never actually confined to a wheelchair in the first place; his getting up out of it was thus no miracle at all! Most interestingly and revealingly, a recent article in "The Big Issue" (9/9/13) reported that  Mr Haynes was not around to talk about his condition. Andrew Parsons bleated rather lamely that "Paul's unavailability is a matter of 'pastoral care' since he wants to carry on his new beginning in peace." Reader, draw your own conclusions... 

I don't think I've ever come across a man who is so PROUD of his HUMILITY as Mr. Richard Taylor! And his "prophetic word" about Parsons and himself heading up a "revival the likes of which the world has never seen before" is just too, too much!!!

This unparalleled "revival" has now nose-dived down to 2 nights a week; as previously reported, the Victory team is TIRED, and "WE DON'T PRESUME THAT GOD CAN TURN UP EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!" (Richard Taylor's own words). This is the greatest revival the world has ever known???


Many and varied are the very real concerns that have been voiced about this purported move of the Spirit and its leaders, by watchmen and women AND their correspondents! Evidence has been presented, and testimonies given. Many people have been lastingly damaged, offended and deeply hurt by the happenings at the Cwmbran Campus, and the behaviour of its leaders. This is FACT, not conjecture! (As I've mentioned before, which I think bears repeating, one of the meanings of the Latin word 'campus' is THEATRE!) These outcomes in no way tie in with the fruit of the Spirit as outlined in Galatians 5:22-23. Love? Joy? Peace? Gentleness? Goodness? Meekness? The absence of such fruit in so many cases truly speaks volumes for the authenticity of the "Outpouring!" The greatest revival ever known???

Yesterday (24/9/13) Victory posted a sermon by Richard Taylor, entitled "Authority Against the Conspirers." (I think he meant conspirators):

I have to say that this supposedly greatly anointed and appointed 'man of God' just makes me feel sick to the very pit of my stomach! I quite struggle to find the words that will adequately describe the depth of Richard Taylor's deceits! Using a false exegesis of Psalm 2, he turns everything upside down. It is not him, but the watchmen and women who are deceived,  it is we who do the Enemy's work, we who conspire against the Church... 

And this is coming from a man who is a great friend and/or fan of some of the greatest false teachers and deceivers on the face of the planet e.g. Tenney, Engle, Osteen, Warren, Bonnke... a man whose "Outpouring" was kicked off with a 'lying wonder' - the supposed healing of a man who got out of the wheelchair that he was never confined to in the first place! 

And as for anyone who dares to ask awkward questions? Well, as Richard Taylor sneers, "We're going to laugh and keep going!" (And perhaps a few anonymous threats along the way wouldn't be such a bad idea?)

This is warfare indeed; the turning of things completely upside down by a shady and quite shameless showman, who's skilled at working the crowds! This is what it means to follow Jude's urging to "earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints!" (Jude v3). For it is an alien and false NEW faith which is now being delivered by the brazen likes of Mr. Taylor and Mr. Parsons, in imitation of their heroes (who we could much more correctly call villains!)

Robert King, host of Todd Bentley and pastor of nearby Freedom Church (previously known as Two Locks), has testified of the "Outpouring" that it can be traced back to Rodney Howard-Browne, Randy Clark and the Toronto Blessing. Which, of course, is really a most terrible CURSE - the underlying, lying, counterfeit spirit behind it all being not the Holy Spirit but KUNDALINI. 

That Mr. Taylor finds a need to slur, ridicule and castigate the watchmen and their work, it can only be that he is not as unconcerned about them as he makes himself out to be. He may have been laughing loudly in the pulpit when making this recording, but it was very, very forced... and every bit as false as the movement he leads!

"A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land: The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?"
(Jeremiah 5:30-31).

I am extremely grateful for the courage and integrity of my concerned correspondents who brought these links to my attention. Indeed, my heartfelt thanks go to everyone who has brought their experiences, observations and support to this most important of debates. Your input has been invaluable; your encouragement incalculable! Rob. 

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Covering his eyebrow-raising, major back-pedalling yesterday with layers of super-spiritual rhetoric (politicians would call it "spin"), Richard Taylor announced that as from next week, "Welsh Outpouring" meetings will drop to Wednesday and Saturday nights only! 

The seeing-is-believing video announcement posted by Victory on 10 September can be found at:

He sorrowfully declared that "as a leadership, it's taken its toll on us both physically and of course spiritually, as we've been battling against principalities and powers..."

Note: Actually co-operating with and promoting such principalities and powers!

He continued, "Throughout all of this we've maintained a spirit of humility..."

Note: Actually a spirit of pride and boastful arrogance, as evidenced throughout the video!

"... and of course of  being very prayerful and using God's wisdom..."

Note: Actually man's wisdom! (Foolishness to God!)

"We've tried to handle what God has done very sacredly; we've not made a spectacle or a show of it..."

Note: Is he for real????

"My team... are TIRED..."

Note: "They that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." (God's Word in Isaiah 40:31).

Victory's main man then goes on to make this most incredible of statements:


Say what????!!!! Is God tired too????!!!! Mr. Taylor completely contradicts himself, saying as he does a little earlier in this video:


Does this wayward Pastor actually make God out to be a liar????!!!!

Our Creator is omnipresent! And didn't Jesus Himself declare, "Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." (Matthew 18:20). NO IF'S; NO BUT'S!

And if the Victory team are exhausted (contrary to God's promise!), then He would have raised up others to take the movement forward, don't you think? It just further emphasizes that this whole regrettable charade was not the divine will of God, but the fleshly will of man. Hype and hyperbole. An End Times deception of the kind that our Lord was at pains to warn us of in Matthew 24! 

Then another incredible concluding statement from the man at the top, who has hailed this phenomenon as being a mighty move of the Almighty:


Words are beginning to fail me! Richard Taylor's own words reveal him for what he really is. A badly deceived man who is sadly deceiving others. And his "Welsh Outpouring?" Just another Last Days counterfeit, like so many others before it!

Let us hope and pray for a TRUE move of God in this embattled land of Wales. We thirst, but we want to partake of the real and pure Water of Life, not the polluted pretend version!

"And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely."
(Revelation 22:17)

Friday, 6 September 2013


Tonight, Friday 6 September 2013 and all day tomorrow, Saturday 7 September 2013, Victory Church is hosting an event called "Wales for Christ" at the St. David's Hall in central Cardiff. They are billing it as "a landmark convention" before it even happens, but this "landmark" they boast of will mark only a further acceleration in the departure from a sound, uncompromisingly Biblically-based Christian faith in this land! 

What is most interesting and revealing is that the Bible refers to "landmarks" only 5 times, each time in the context of them being MOVED. And the consequence of such a FORBIDDEN action is to be found in the second of these references:
  1. Deuteronomy 19:14
    Thou shalt not remove thy neighbour's landmark, which they of old time have set in thine inheritance, which thou shalt inherit in the land that the LORD thy God giveth thee to possess it.
  2. Deuteronomy 27:17
    Cursed be he that removeth his neighbour's landmark. And all the people shall say, Amen.
  3. Job 24:2
    Some remove the landmarks; they violently take away flocks, and feed thereof.
  4. Proverbs 22:28
    Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.
  5. Proverbs 23:10
    Remove not the old landmark; and enter not into the fields of the fatherless.
Friends, please, please be aware that Victory Church is in the business of MOVING THE LANDMARKS, and the consequences of that shift will be EXTREMELY NEGATIVE!!!


God has set out very clear boundaries of behaviour within His Word, and that Word itself has a boundary - we are NOT under any circumstances to add to it or to take away from it. It is the complete A-Z of its Author's revelation to mankind!

Remember that the false "God-Chaser" Tommy Tenney is Richard Taylor's great friend and mentor. To Mr.Tenney, Scripture is where God has been in the past, and we have to "chase after" where He is now!  In other words, God has moved on from His own Word and so has MOVED ITS BOUNDARIES! This is BLASPHEMY, essentially saying that  God is UNTRUE TO HIMSELF, HIS OWN HOLY WRIT, AND THE MARKERS WHICH HE HIMSELF SET!!! Please think on this!

Over the last few months, quite apart from the Tommy Tenney connection, the evidence has been steadily stacking up that Victory Church and its leadership are heavily deceived, and in consequence are deceiving others. They seek to spread this deceit out to "church plants" throughout Wales (the latest being Blaenavon - be warned!), and now their target is the very Capital of Wales!

Financial cost of attending this travesty? £10 for tonight; £15 for tomorrow, or the bargain price(!) of £20 for both days. Let it simply be noted that salvation is the free gift of our Lord, and the true gifts of the Spirit are beyond price! (Remember the horror and disgust of the Apostle Peter when Simon the sorcerer sought to buy God's gifts?) And this IS South Wales we're talking about, where so very many are financially struggling; apart from the ticket price, there's also travel costs to add on... Preaching the Gospel? Seriously?

But the real cost of buying into all this Victory deception is potentially far greater than what's coming out of your wallet or purse. It could seriously damage the health of your very spirit and your relationship with our Lord and Saviour! His blood paid the price for our redemption! Don't give Richard Taylor what HE is asking for!

When he and his church of error speak of winning Wales for Christ, what we need to be asking is, is it really the True Jesus Christ of the Bible? Or some other "Christ?" The True One NEVER moves the boundaries, or their markers...

Keep your own boundaries unmoved. And the Lord will bless and honour you for it!

A boundary stone at Gezer, Israel.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013


This very ugly attempt at intimidation was received by myself last night from an anonymous source:

Rob you are a critic that has been handed over to Satan. You destroy by your words the work of God and you will answer for it. Liable action is in process keep an eye on your post we know your address. 

My response to the author of this unsigned threat?

I'm assuming by 'liable' you mean libel! Your other 2 pieces of correspondence I am not publishing, despite your trying to goad me into so doing.  In them you reference extremely serious allegations about persons formerly involved with the Victory Outreach charity, but without a shred of evidence to back them up. And you want to talk libel?

In one of these other pieces you accuse me of "touching the Lord's anointed!" I rather think it was a foregone conclusion that someone would throw that one at me sooner or later! My response?

Jesus Himself expressly warned us that in the Last Days "many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many." (Matthew 24:5). "Christ" means "the anointed one." Our Lord was urging us not to be deceived by men who would claim to be anointed of God! And that's exactly what we see today: many, many claims of "anointing" that are COUNTERFEIT!

You choose to threaten me in this most unGodly and underhanded manner, from out of  the shadows and not in the Light that we are to walk in! May the Lord rebuke you! This disgraceful action on your part shows me exactly the false nature of the spirit in which you are operating, and rather than unnerve me simply strengthens my resolve to continue to sound the warning shofar!

In the Name of Jesus our Lord,

"Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake."
(Matthew 5:11)

Sunday, 1 September 2013


The following came in as a comment, but I very much feel that the grave concerns expressed here fully warrant a greater exposure by publishing them in a new blog post, especially as they come from someone who has had long involvement with the Victory Outreach UK charity:

Dear Sir,
I have been following your blogs with interest over the last few months and am astounded to what I have seen published. There are many horror stories being banded about with regards to Mrs taylor and parsons and their dealings with the charity victory outreach uk. Myself and others have been long standing supporters of this charity both prayerfully and financially until 18 months ago. We have seen the lifestyles of taylor and parsons flaunted across social media, a far cry from those whom they profess to be caring for. Looking at their online accounts is concerning, it seems they have built churches on the back of the charity and I am told they struggled for a minibus for the residents and yet they have well looked after vehicles themselves. The signs of what were coming out of there confirmed our decisions. Another concern I would like to raise is I see that they were nominated for the South Wales argus citizen award in March this year. I quote from the article that they have helped 5000 young people over ten years. Wrong. Taylor came in 2009 and parsons 2011. They may have had some successes but that figure was given to the Sansomes for the period of 29 years that they put into it, with a 75% success rate. My opinion for what it is worth here is that they are on the back of the previous founders credibility, their hard work and sacrifice which again in my opinion these men don't even come near too and never will. Disgruntled is not the word! Im choosing to keep my anonymity as a matter of principle but I speak from a very concerned heart that has genuine fears for what is going on.


*  *  *  *  *  *  *

I am very grateful for this correspondent's willingness to share their concerns. As time goes on, the case against Messrs. Taylor and Parsons is building up. More and more people are having and expressing very real (and well-founded) fears for what it going on...

Anyone with concerns of their own is very welcome to post a comment, or send me a personal email at:


Hi Bro. Rob!
He is my account of what I have seen at the 3 services so far...(some of the accounts were taken from a forum I have posted in):

"As I said before, I had heard of this “outpouring” or “revival” going on in Cwmbran and immediately decided to visit this place to see what was going on. In the end, as things worked out, I was able to go that same week. To the best of my knowledge it was “Day 38” of this “outpouring”.
When I found the church, I was greeted with what looked like an old industrial unit that had been converted into a church. They have done a very good job doing this, with a large lobby and coffee/cafĂ© shop just inside. When I got into the lobby, there were hundreds waiting all squashed together so I sat on the window ledge at the corner and watched the crowds talking to each other. 

There seemed to be about 15 or so men down the front of the lobby (next to the double doors which were not to be opened until the service started at 7pm because the worship band were practising - which I have found in other charasmatic services and thought this to be rather odd) who were starting to do their best to turn to start football-style chants e.g. “J-E-S-U-S”… “We love you, Jesus we do, we love you Jesus we do…” etc. Many joined in and I was genuinely taken aback by how so many wanted to ramp up the atmosphere and whip up people’s emotions. It was, for someone who is not easily impressed or surprised a very surreal atmosphere to be in with many jumping up and down, shouting and yelling. I regularly go to watch football on a Saturday and I cannot express this point enough - it genuinely felt like a "football-type" atmosphere.

As soon as the doors opened the music began playing and this did not stop once in almost 2 hours. Literally. The worship band played a selection of very modern (some very good) worship songs but continued to play them over and over again, so within a short space of time, many people around me were beginning to cry with emotion, one guy in particular jerking and having sporadic spasms through his body where he looked if he was fitting. This supposedly; was the “Holy Spirit”. For those who have looked into this, it was evident that these manifestations are also very common in Eastern Mysticism, especially in Hindhuism and Buddhism.

Then, I met a mother with a disabled boy. At first, I offered her my seat as she had nowhere to sit next to him. He seemed to be about 12/13 yrs of age. From working with special needs children for over 12 years I could tell that he suffered severely with cerebral palsy (or a related condition), to the extent he could not speak, nor communicate properly without an aid or help. His mother was becoming more and more emotional over the worship to the extent she was holding her boys hands and talking to him as she sang the words to him. While this may not be a bad thing at all, I could see where this was all going and sure enough, after about half an hour of worship, one of the speakers (someone Scottish from my recollection - Kenny Brandie) came to the stage.

He firstly began by apologising that his voice was going because he had been praying for so many people (which my instinct inside me felt like this was just a statement of pride on his behalf) and began to say about how many people have been healed during these recent meetings. An example given was someone healed of leukaemia by a “prayer cloth” that had come from the church (the person lived in Bristol). He also spoke of a wheelchair-bound individual who has been healed in a service and began “running around with the chair over his head” (which is difficult for a really strong person to do as wheelchairs do weight quite a bit).

The speaker then stopped one step short of what is commonly seen at Benny Hinn-style meetings. He told the audience that he “believed God is going to heal tonight” and listed a number of ailments that God was going to cure. As the music continued (as was constantly asked to ramp it up by the speaker), hundreds of people came down the front to be anointed with oil by members of the church (I think?) who had a "gift of healing". 

This is when the women sat next to me wheeled her boy down the front for prayer. Many began shaking, falling down “under the Holy Spirit” (even though this is not mentioned in scripture), some began sobbing uncontrollably and the boy with his mother had at least within a few moments up to a dozen people holding him and praying over him. This scene continued for over an hour. The boy in the chair, by this time now had up to 8 or 9 people praying over him, with his mother receiving prayer in-between the time she was watching and hoping for an answer to their prayers for healing. 

The speaker briefly got back up and made a short statement regarding salvation. Possibly just 2 to 3 minutes long then asked the worship band to pick up the music again and went back down. While everyone at this church are keen to stress that salvation "is the most important thing", it is clearly not the case. At least, not in how the services are conducted. While they do give the gospel, it was a very, very short appeal. It was also noticeably the 3rd agenda on this service list as we had over half an hour to 3/4 hour of worship then a request for healing to take place. 

In the end I began getting more and more upset. Not only for the false hope that was given by the speaker (I won’t call him a preacher as he did not to my knowledge even look at a Bible when he was up on stage), but also for the boy in the chair who had been subject to nearly a dozen strangers holding him, having their hands over him for more than an hour while I am unsure of whether he knew what was going on.

I got to the point where I began to pack my things and leave. I saw people filing out slowly, some falling asleep on the sofas in the lobby and got in my car. I was so overcome with pity for this woman I had given my seat for that I went back in to talk with her. Sadly, she was still down the front surrounded by people praying for her son. The speaker was still urging the worship band to continue playing more and more, obviously to keep the “atmosphere” of worship and miracles going. At this stage I left and drove home.

I felt sad in many ways as the speaker had given the people a false sense of hope that God “was” going to heal. He only stopped very short of what was said at some other well-known “faith healing” ministries. The woman with the boy was expecting God to answer her prayers. I have no idea if she was even saved. If she wasn’t, and God chose not to heal her son, then that would surely push her further away from a saving knowledge of Christ. 

Even Paul, asked the Lord to heal him and God in His infinite will decided against it.

Overall, I found the whole night totally, totally geared to emotionalism. From the lobby before the meeting where it genuinely felt more like a football match, to the worship being THE focal point of the meeting (and not God’s Word – because there was nothing from the Bible of any real substance)…everything seemed more like a production than an act of God.

Have people been saved? I have no doubt. Has God healed people? I wouldn’t say either way. I know God can and still does perform miracles. However, not on request like what was happening in Cwmbran. I certainly would doubt (in-fact I would bet my house on it) that everyone that has gone for healing has received it. That is not what happened with the Lord when He performed healing. He healed with a 100% success rate.  In-front of everyone. He could raise the dead. These people can’t. You cannot cherry pick part of Jesus’s healing ministry and not stand it up against His criteria. There were so many scriptures that contradicted what was going on, especially with the "healing" that I found it difficult to stand by and look on.

Sadly, I feel that many people have been given a false hope and many, many will not still be around when all of the emotionalism and the attendances have died down. It is all very well to state that over 1,000 people have been saved. Yet, I do not see these people coming back. Where are these people? It is very worrying to see what is going on."

Bro. Rob, I also went another night to see what was going on, although cannot remember what night it was. What stood out for me again, was not only the huge emphasis on "healing" over the call for salvation, but also what I found in their book store. There were books by Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, TD Jakes and the like. Also, more interestingly, there was a book by Smith Wigglesworth. He was an old-time charasmatic faith healer from the 1800's I believe; who would kick and punch people to get rid of the "devil" (and thus heal people of cancer, diseases etc.). I strongly suspect this is someone who greatly influenced Todd Bentley. Todd over the past couple of years has visited Cwmbran and Victory Church. You can see the link and line of error being traced back to its source. Yet, these people are still buying these books and are lapping up the heresy being preached in Victory.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

This account was sent to me by Brother Steve, and is reproduced here with his full permission. My sincere thanks go to him for his willingness to share his personal observations on happenings at Cwmbran, and I very much hope that anyone reading his account will reach a similar sobering conclusion!

Anyone with concerns of their own is very welcome to post a comment, or email me at:


This video link was sent to me by Sarah Clark, who thought it might be useful and very appropriate, given what is currently happening in Wales. I concur. 

It is a John MacArthur sermon jam, with some pertinent observations about "evangelical" Christianity today; one example:

"All that is necessary for the power of God to be released in a situation, is that the Truth of God be proclaimed. 
It is irrelevant what the cultural expectations are!"

Amen to that!!!