Sunday, 1 January 2017


"Beware of the scribes, which desire to walk in long robes, 
and love greetings in the markets, and the highest seats in the synagogues,
and the chief rooms at feasts."
(Luke 20:46)

Sitting pretty - the Right Rev. Dr. Bishop David Carr OBE OSL

On the bookshelf above my pc monitor is propped a little card, which my wife brought home one day from a course she attended. On it is printed a few lines, words which I have very much taken to heart and address to myself and to anyone else who has ears to hear:

"He who acts is responsible for the consequences of his actions.
Each and every one who does not act is responsible 
for the consequences of their non-action."

Friends, we all have a pressing need to take ownership of everything that we say and do, for a day will come when we will all have to give account for our words and deeds - and not least the very thoughts of our hearts - before the Throne. Similarly, if we say or do nothing when we are witness to wrongdoing in whatever form that takes, we make ourselves complicit by our silence and failure to respond. We are all of us called to earnestly contend for the Faith (Jude v3), and when we see apostasy, error and deception coming in like a tidal wave and do nothing to sound a warning, we make ourselves party to the devastation thus wreaked.

It is no small matter to speak out; we can all find any number of reasons for not doing so, but at the end of the day they can in reality be more accurately defined as excuses rather than reasons. And as the old saying goes, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing! My hope and prayer is that in publishing the account that follows, it will by example encourage others to also summon up the courage and integrity to come forward to tell their own stories for the sake of Truth in this New Year of 2017.

Here is one such concerned person's raw testimony regarding David Carr, the Renewal Christian Centre in Solihull and the Order of St. Leonard. Whilst I have had occasion myself to write about these things from an outsider's perspective, his one-time position as part of the "inner circle" at the OSL has given him a quite unique and disturbing insight which he now shares.

* * * * * * *

Where to start?
This is what i know and have observed from the period of being at Renewal; i can’t say anything before or after. There will always be things ones misses out, which perhaps should have been put in, but i write as i think back.
Renewal it should be said does do a lot of good on many fronts, that is not too be denied.
The issues with Renewal is, how its run, what it teaches and by whom on a Scriptural front shall i say.
Renewal is cash cow. It’s about money and being seen in the community, especially with those who have position or power. The local council for one and the many council leaders Carr loves to mention who come to his Xmas presentations. Oh, an MP’s.
They react very much to what the world thinks about them. One such case i recall is where a BHam evening Mail reporter came to visit, gave a good report. (Carr very Charismatic) but stated that the foyer was tired. Well, Carr’s team went to work and created a Costa coffee experience at that cost £40.000. Senior leaders received correspondence to say they would support this to anyone who may disagree within the Renewal set up or congregation, even if they did not think so. Toe the party line or else it was told to me.
Many Thousands have been spent on sound/lighting equipment, even altering the ceiling so a better sound can be created.
Renewal has a corporate side and takes in many thousands from this, again in my opinion this is error having a business and church run together.
A few years back they discussed to have yearly one off collection, gave it a title, “What If”, brought in over £250.000, so every year since they change the tilted and rake in even more. Most of the first collection i mentioned was to pay for wages, and then other stuff that they mentioned from the stage, that the money was going too was to divert one’s eyes off to the main reason for the collection. The other causes where smoke screens.
Dave Carr is supreme leader, who will not give up his throne. Any time they bring someone in and they want to change things, the door is shown. Dr John Andrews for one. Carr promised him top role within years only to go back on that and to pay him off. The disgraced Richard Taylor another, Carr’s golden boy.  Leaders for their other congregations Renewal have, have been booted out to make way for the YES people of Carr.
His side kick Jenkins was pushed out the door, which shocked a lot of people.
Carr has an inner circle of elders, who will not go against Carr, the eldership are puppets, but you see it looks biblical to those within and those outside.
Carr loves the recognition of being the Chosen one. He forever tells all, even from the pulpit, how he speakers in more tongues than anyone else, styles himself on a modern day Wesley and dare i say the Apostle Paul with remarks that I’ve heard him say. One remark was from Moses. God help us.

Renewal is about the experience.
Preach a little truth and then teach them other stuff they want to hear, even though Carr through his tweets does not say that.
Communion at Renewal is a side show now, if it is ever taken. They are more concerned on telling you what’s going on, what’s up next etc. It has been relegated to no importance
When i left they we already were loosing many from their first service, an older generation, which was due to loud concert worship and nowhere near bible teaching.
Renewal created a third service giving the impression they were growing, all they did was remove chairs out to give the impression there were not enough seats, so a third service was brought in.
Every year they have to have another theme the HS is going to bless them in. They have no concept about the HS. They call upon him, to do works. It amazes me on how many have fallen for this.
They teach a false gospel and many have fallen for it. I won’t go into here all that.
The Alpha course they teach is false, bible hardly ever opened; i caught one senior leader showing a lady in what i would say was porn pose to explain a point. When pointed out, nothing was done. Bad language was excused away also.
They  heavily rely on the HS away day and reckon most are saved on that day. I asked one lady what happened to you next. She said nothing, we went back to church and just sat in the congregation and we were told we were saved? We had a warm experience on the day and i was told i had received the HS. Had you i asked? NO! But Carr will promote such stuff. A false gospel of the sinner’s prayer, to be found not in the bible.

We have OSL, an order created by Carr, which he states that God told him to open up. This was a way for Carr to dress himself up in clerical attire, get him made a Bishop, then Arch Bishop. He even stated that he did not have to be made Arch Bishop to Run Wroxall Abbey.  But he was. But hey, why not (My words)
He now has a plot already for him when he dies at Wroxall Abbey. He is the Bishop of Wroxall don’t you know.
OSL another cash cow. Takes money in on collections at Renewal and for anyone and anyone who wants to join. Cash for a title is exactly what it is. Unless you are friend of Carr, then straight in the order.
Elders at Renewal have some nice roles and titles within OSL
Money is sent all over Africa, ( other places as well) which gives Carr and a select few yearly trips too. Two weeks at a time, living in nice accommodation. You can suss out the rest.
One such Bishop they brought into the order from Africa soon had his hands in the cookie jar.
Carr always stating how Big OSL is all over the world, and how he has been invited to go here and there.
Next big thing he has said, that means the biggest order in the UK etc.
Body guard, very close friend and now made a Rev in the order.  A rock star of sorts, Dave Cooper.

He and his wife too close for comfort on many fronts. Be warned not to cross him.

OSL and Renewal take large sums of cash in. They are one of the same, even though it was said by Carr that he would stop collections from Renewal to OSL so they can stand on their own. Still waiting for that one. In each other’s pockets, Carr and some leaders on both teams.
Many members have complained about what do they get from OSL? Even when they have the yearly retreat, they are promised much, but nothing is given. Web site out of date. Cash cow and an order for Carr to Lord it with Bishops and even the Pope.
He made much of this before he went, said nothing when he came back.
Carr is very much in everyone’s pockets of power and position. Claiming all the time that Arch Bishop of York is very close and personal friend. York seeks his wisdom.
Carr is a false teacher, according to scripture. He does what he does to have power and position and to be seen
When one of his Flock received an MBE, he was jealous and I said that at the time to many he will aim to get one higher and through his contacts with a Lord and Lady who worship at Renewal, he gets an OBE. 
I worked at the heart of many things at Renewal, its a power and position thing with him and and of course the money, many collections a week, notwithstanding the other collections they have.

Renewal is about Experience, emotions, feelings. False salvation is taught.

Many people are on the way to nowhere with his false teaching, even claiming to have seen blue light go through the body of  a person that was healed at his hands,.
He prophesised, that Tony Blair would be the first European leader that did not happen, he kept quiet on that. Even Jenkins could not cover that one up for him as he told me.

Jenkins ordained a Bishop in the Old Catholic Church. Carr went to the service, sat with the Bishops and Arch Bishops, and addressed the crowd.

For my sin, i was part of Renewal show. May God forgive me for falling for a false teacher.
Don’t forget Carr made people for years have a collection to build his cathedral on the site of Renewal, that was shelved as was a community centre,. Thousands were raised for. Where is the money? No one knows. Swallowed up in the machine Renewal.
No one told anyone at Renewal about shelved plans, they thought if we don’t mention it, they will forget in time.

Rob, I was very much in the OSL Rev Canon to Carr. ( what was I thinking, perhaps my own glory)
The week I left I had my regular monthly meeting with him to discuss OSL. It was his way all the time, even when I wrote to him that I could not carry on, but would stay until such times I could be replaced, I was loyal. 
He comes  across as a nice guy, he does show love and compassion, buts its all the grandeur he wants. Even coming into worship service, late,  To make an entrance. Walking in with his personal PA to every service.

Anyway, as I gave my notice as such in for OSL, I was still promoting it and was due to preach again at church to represent OSL. I had a call from the preacher, who lied to me to me to cancel me. I've heard better stories from a kids book. I had done nothing wrong, still loyal, never bad mouthed anyone. 

Now with I what I write to you and post is the issues I was seeing before I left Renewal and come out of the OSL.  I want people to wake up to doctrine that is being preached.

I still to this day have some from Renewal come to me for guidance. When asked what they don't go to his leaders, the answer comes back that all they want to do,is pray for them, which is good, but they wanted help. This guidance was sort from a current leader at Renewal, who comes to me to this day. 

Dave Insull was very big part of Renewal and OSL. He had big plans for his own ministry, and that was going well until Carr got rid of DR Andrews. Within a year Insull had left along with his wife.
Many have left the side of Carr. Read into that what you will. Very close people.
Dave Cooper and His wife are nailed to Carr.

- Name and email address supplied.

* * * * * * *

I reproduce here David Carr's own summary of himself and his achievements:

I'm senior pastor of the Renewal Christian Centre in Solihull, an overseer for the Free Methodist Church in Europe, Archbishop for the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches, and the Bishop Abbot of the Order of St. Leonard. Before this I was the marketing director for the Professional Football Association in PFA Financial Services. I've authored five books and been happily married for 44 years, with three children and four grandchildren. I started Renewal Christian Centre with four people in 1972, which has now grown to a congregation of more than 1,600. The church helps 4,000 people each year through community projects. Working with Solihull Council, our Helping Hands food bank delivers emergency parcels to 3,000 adults and children. 
(Source: 'Birmingham Living')

In commenting upon this, I can't possibly put it better than to quote from Isaac Watts' great hymn, 'When I Survey The Wondrous Cross':

"Forbid it, Lord, that I should boast,
Save in the death of Christ my God!
All the vain things that charm me most,
I sacrifice them to His blood."

Let's consider, in closing, David Carr's recent receipt of an OBE from the Queen at Buckingham Palace. When the world pats us warmly on the back and honours us, it is surely high time that we examined where we truly stand in relation to the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are to expect to be hated rather than loved (Matthew 10:22, Mark 13:13, Luke 21:17) and persecuted rather than applauded (John 15:20). As the Word of God warns in no uncertain terms:

"Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! 
for so did their fathers to the false prophets."
(Luke 6:26)


  1. Hi Rob

    May I ask why you are writing about this man and his antics? It doesn't sound like this is a church that has gone apostate (Sorry if this isn't the right word) rather it was never a true bible believing church in the first place.

    1. Hi Monopode!

      Thanks for your comment. I write about Carr, Renewal and the Order of St. Leonard because I write and warn about not only apostasy but about the whole issue of spiritual deception in all the various forms that it takes. When we think of Jesus' warning in Matthew 24 for example, it was deception He highlighted, rather than apostasy per se, as the thing to particularly watch out for. I hope this satisfactorily answers your question?

      In Him,

  2. Yes it does. Have you any idea if Renewal draws genuine believers to itself? I've never come across any kind of Methodist church that teaches anything other than error. I suppose the main issue is the bigger picture of the formation of the one world religion. I've no doubt these so called churches will help facilitate its operation at ground level.

    I suppose I was wondering why a watchman would sound the alarm about dead organisations like the Methodist church rather than concentrating on what is happening in bible believing gatherings. Having said that this could be my own preconceived notions about the church. I come from an Aog background and certainly saw the them and us type of idea while there. That particular church was started by four families that left a Wesleyan congregation. I think it was a genuine move of God at that time. While I was there the pastor became enamoured of American leaders involved in the church growth movement. After I left it started hosting the alpha course. It seems to be moving towards ecumenism now.

    1. Hi again! Renewal is part of the Free Methodist Church in England, established in 1971 due to what they describe as "the need to establish a totally evangelical Methodist Church." (It is part of the Free Methodist Church in North America). There can be a very blurred line between apostasy - departing from the Faith - and deception right from inception. And these days evangelicalism means quite different things to different people! And what can start as a genuine movement born of righteous concern can, as we all know, end up degenerating into something just as bad or even worse than what they'd been moved to separate themselves from! Apostasy can so often seep in as a trickle rather than come as a flood, as would seem to be the case in the example you quote from your own experience of an AOG fellowship. Our Enemy is nothing if not subtle...

      Whether genuine believers are attracted to Renewal I cannot personally say for sure, but would think that the answer is yes, they probably are. So many truly born-again believers in these Last Days exhibit a shocking lack of knowledge, wisdom and discernment. Perhaps it's because they've only been fed on the milk of the Word and not the meat. The person whose testimony is published here would I'm sure have much clearer insight about this aspect of Renewal than myself.

      Best wishes in Him,

    2. Another gospel is being preached. Attracted by what goes on. Yes, seekers, but once there, shown their path, hence they believe it's the right path. If you are not shown the path, the true one, then the one you are shown, you think is the right one. If they were only encouraged to open and study the bible. How hard it is when you have entertainment to go anywhere else.

  3. Thanks Rob. I don't know much about the church in general and have never heard of the free methodists. It's amazing how error creeps in. Pentecostals seem obsessed with miracles. I was the same and I was astounded years later to find out I hadn't heard the gospel presented clearly. I was also exposed to what I know now to be kundalini masquerading as the Holy Spirit. Awful physical manifestations that do not line up the God's word. It's a long story but I'm glad to say it's in the past.

    1. The Word has been steadily abandoned, and now it seems that it is only experience that matters. Nothing gets tested; anything and everything gets accepted; the gifts that no-one seems to want are wisdom and discernment. The Church has now so largely become a circus, a Big Top entertainment venue with sensations galore. Gold dust and gold teeth, glory clouds and grave-sucking, angel feathers and fire tunnels... Welcome to Charismania, the Greatest Show on Earth! Roll up, roll up...

      So pleased to hear you've seen all this for what it is, and seen the reality behind the Hell-promoted illusion!

      Best wishes in Him,

  4. Renewal is all about the experience . The HS seems to be on call , when they call. They have no idea who the HS is. They have no idea about the whole purpose of the HS, that's is evident by Carr's lack of true knowledge as expressed in his tweets.

    It's about money,also. Many are blind and keep putting in the pot without really thinking about it, or even thinking about what Carr has said himself. For instance, the building fund collection once a month is to bring the mortgage down. Each month the congregation were told how much was left to pay off. In recent times they stopped that. The collection still goes on. Need I say more.?
    One trustee has told carr they need to pay the mortgage off as its low. The building fund money is being directed elsewhere.
    The same few people come to the front and speak,in tongues. It's the,same noise out of their mouths every time, but amazingly the message is totally different.
    Carr has prophesied so much error, it's frightening.
    Sinners prayer for them, they have never heard the gospel preached. I've never heard repentance preached. It's hands up and bobs your uncle another tweet on how many are saved.
    Those who attend need to wake up to this error.

    1. Thanks Disciple for your very pertinent comments above!

      People urgently need to wake up and smell the coffee! The bottom line is that people's eternal destination is at stake! And what could be more important than that?

      Very best wishes in Him,

  5. It says above that the persons name and email address is available. Could I have it please? I have some questions as I attended Renewal for a number of years and some of the comments are shockingly slanderous and inaccurate. A false gospel is not preached, and repentance is preached all the time. They also have very good discipleship classes. Whats been said on here is not my experience.

    1. Hi! It actually says that the name and email address is supplied, not that it is available. It was given to me in confidence, and I don't betray confidences. May I just say also that asking me to give you someone's name and contact details when you've not had the integrity to disclose your own is hardly a correct Christian way to go about things!

      In Him,

  6. Hi. I have been to Renewal on a couple of occasions and it eas ok. I also followed Carr on social media. He recently deleted me for calling him out on his condemning attitude and his love of publicising his good works. He posts online and an army of loyal followers give him an unthinking "amen" and "preach it" rather than challenge him on why he needs to tell everyone his good deeds. Carr even made one post that talked about how he comforted someone in the hospital and told them Jesus loves the.. "the language" he said, implying this person was beneath him, ending the story with how the person evntually thought Carr was a good guy. Revealing his true motivation for making the post.

    Carr's Facebook pictures reveal his desire to be viewed as a religious leader.. his robes and collar giving him status. Yet when I accused him of being religious he was stunned as "nobody has called him that" I'm about 50 years. I find that incredibly hard to believe.

    1. Hi Rob H!

      What comes to mind in this context is Matthew 6:1-6, where Jesus gives a direct warning about people desiring to be seen and applauded by others for their supposed piety: they have an earthly, not a heavenly reward!

      Carr's personal web page has to rank as one of - if not the most - prideful I've ever come across for someone in ministry. This is a man with a huge belief in his self worth; when the world awards you with honours, you know something is very wrong indeed, for you are obviously pleasing men. Pleasing God? Well, that's another matter altogether...

      With best wishes in Him,
      Rob T.