Thursday, 29 August 2013


Tommy Tenney, the false "God Chaser!"

The following first-hand report of false teacher Tommy Tenney's regrettable return to the Victory Church at Cwmbran, home of the counterfeit "Welsh Outpouring" was sent to me last night by Mr. Steven Thomas. It came in as a comment on a previous article, but I felt that it should be given a greater prominence by featuring it in a new posting.

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Great site and excellent discernment Bro. Rob. I have just come back from listening to Tommy Tenney speak at Cwmbran this evening (28/8/13). 

His message was a complete mix of funny stories, anecdotes and sadly, but not too surprisingly; no turning to God's Word. He did make a couple (and only a couple) of references to things in the Bible (his talk was about worship, hospitality and the "atmosphere" for God "coming down" to "visit us") but that was it. 

He was about to ask the congregation to turn to their Bibles but found that at least 90% didn't even bring one, so he asked them if it was okay that he just talked and paraphrased from memory scripture that he was going to use.

The congregation lapped it up like sheep that have gone astray. I closed my Bible half way through as it was obvious it was not needed. 

This is the 3rd and probably the final time I visit the church to see what is going on. The whole "outpouring" is a complete work of emotionalism, hype, lacking any kind of Biblical discernment and demonic spirits masking themselves as the "Holy Spirit" (like you see in Eastern Mysticism)...

Keep up the good work. I have written a report myself on the goings on in Cwmbran. If you would like to see what I witnessed in one meeting let me know. 

God Bless!

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I am very grateful to Mr. Steven Thomas for his integrity and willingness to share and put his name to this very important feedback. I publish this in the sincere hope that readers of his report will loudly hear the alarm bells ringing, and avoid Victory Church and its utterly false "Welsh Outpouring" like the plague. For it is indeed an End Times spiritual plague!

(Please read and consider Steven's report in conjunction with the very first article on this blog posted on 16 May, 2013: "The Welsh Outpouring - A Refreshing or a Deception?" which outlines some very real concerns about Tommy Tenney, friend and mentor of Pastor Richard Taylor).

I would be more than pleased to receive further reports from Steven or anyone else out there who is able and willing to share concerns about what is happening in Cwmbran (or anywhere else in Wales for that matter!) Either post a comment, or send me a personal email at:


  1. Clock is ticking on taylor and parsons. The way which they have pursued their purposes has been dishonourable and disgusting. They have used a 'bread and circus' political tool to blind people to the blatant inequalities that take place. Serve the pastor? doesn't the pastor serve the people? respect is earned not demanded in life, in church or out of church. Truth is when the proverbial muck hits the fan you wont see these men for dust, they will both walk..its what they do, and good riddance.

    1. Hi, and thanks for posting your own observations on the utterly false "Welsh Outpouring!"

      It's good to know that some people at least are seeing through the facade, and discerning the counterfeit spirit that is motoring this movement along!

      Yes, when these bogus "outpourings" die the death they deserve, their leaders do have a tendency to disappear. Sadly, such men also have a tendency to re-emerge elsewhere, unrepentant and continuing to peddle their shoddy wares on a new turf! Just look at Todd Bentley - he's now massive in Africa, massively deceiving and massively lauded and applauded for his apostate posturing! These are the End Times indeed...

      Best wishes, in His Name,

  2. Dear Sir,
    I have been following your blogs with interest over the last few months and am astounded to what I have seen published. There are many horror stories being banded about with regards to Mrs taylor and parsons and their dealings with the charity victory outreach uk. Myself and others have been long standing supporters of this charity both prayerfully and financially until 18 months ago. We have seen the lifestyles of taylor and parsons flaunted across social media, a far cry from those whom they profess to be caring for. Looking at their online accounts is concerning, it seems they have built churches on the back of the charity and I am told they struggled for a minibus for the residents and yet they have well looked after vehicles themselves. The signs of what were coming out of there confirmed our decisions. Another concern I would like to raise is I see that they were nominated for the South Wales argus citizen award in March this year. I quote from the article that they have helped 5000 young people over ten years. Wrong. Taylor came in 2009 and parsons 2011. They may have had some successes but that figure was given to the Sansomes for the period of 29 years that they put into it, with a 75% success rate. My opinion for what it is worth here is that they are on the back of the previous founders credibility, their hard work and sacrifice which again in my opinion these men don't even come near too and never will. Disgruntled is not the word! Im choosing to keep my anonymity as a matter of principle but I speak from a very concerned heart that has genuine fears for what is going on.


    1. Many thanks for sharing your concerns! I felt they fully justified a greater exposure, and have accordingly featured them in a new blog posting today.

      Thanks again, and every blessing to you!
      In His Name,